ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY Dont die wondering

Look at the setlist… enough said. enjoy

ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY  Dont die wondering

1. Wizards – Benediction
2. Purity Ring – Ungirthed (pre-order the 7” single out on the AZ-affiliated Transparent)
3. D/R/U/G/S – Diamond Pacific (look out for an upcoming 12” on Tender Age)
4. Holy Other – Blissters (look out for an upcoming EP on Tri Angle)
5. Elite Gymnastics – Is This On Me
6. Drop/Dead – Always Love You
7. Wise Blood – 2 All The Girls Who Have Trusted Me
8. Mean Lady – Rain
9. The Whendays – Namlos
10. Jai Paul – BTSTU (look out for a forthcoming release on XL)
11. Time Wharp – 1992 (get the album from AMDISCS)
12. Chocolate Girl – Bless Me
13. Travellers Of The Great Beyond – Heathen
14. Deptford Goth – Real Love Fantasy

Mediafire download here

Snowden has a new FREE ep

Snowden album cover

Love this band…. There album Anti-Anti is in my top 5 albums of all time. There new ep, soft syrup, isn’t quite as fun-loving as anti-anti but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredible. A lot more melodic and epic is the name of the game on there new outing. You can also download it for a donation off there website. If you’re broke, you just have to join there mailing list to get it for free.

Snowden – No Words No More

Snowden – Don’t Really Know Me

Bonus Vid!
Snowden – Anti-Anti