ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY Dont die wondering

Look at the setlist… enough said. enjoy

ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY  Dont die wondering

1. Wizards – Benediction
2. Purity Ring – Ungirthed (pre-order the 7” single out on the AZ-affiliated Transparent)
3. D/R/U/G/S – Diamond Pacific (look out for an upcoming 12” on Tender Age)
4. Holy Other – Blissters (look out for an upcoming EP on Tri Angle)
5. Elite Gymnastics – Is This On Me
6. Drop/Dead – Always Love You
7. Wise Blood – 2 All The Girls Who Have Trusted Me
8. Mean Lady – Rain
9. The Whendays – Namlos
10. Jai Paul – BTSTU (look out for a forthcoming release on XL)
11. Time Wharp – 1992 (get the album from AMDISCS)
12. Chocolate Girl – Bless Me
13. Travellers Of The Great Beyond – Heathen
14. Deptford Goth – Real Love Fantasy

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Broadzilla DJs, Pink Skull, and Adam Sparkles retreating to their slimy summer sandcastle–“THE HYPER-CABANA.”THE HYPER-CABANA: HRC003

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Adult swim is over, kids. Everybody Back in the Cage.


1. Chris Hinze – African Rapness
2. Pink Skull – Bee Nose (Brassica Remix)
3. Tapper Zukie – Revolution Version
4. Kewi a Gogo Party – Sie Wünscht Sich Ein Kewi Ins Bett
5. Manolo – Lose Myself
6. Gweilo – Ghosts
7. Lil Nay Nay – Slug Bug (Broadzilla Slug Dub)
8. Kid Creole & the Coconuts – I’m Corrupt (Idjut Boys Edit)
9. Dutch Rhythm Combo – Bonaire (Blackjoy Rough Demo Mix)
10. Human Egg – Onomatopoeia
11. Nico – Heroes
12. James Curd – Left The Ground (Feat. Ziggy Franklin)
13. Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches and Prunes
14. Marco Passarani – Colliding Stars (Part 2)
15. Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
16. Allez Allez – She’s Stirring Up (an Optimo (Espacio) Drum Attack Mix)
17. Cerrone – Experience
18. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan Da Cunha Remix)
19. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Psychemagik’s Leg Warmer Edit)

Summer mixes galore.. TEAMS | cvlt classics | Ion the Prize | Atetrack


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Ion The Prize – Wasted Summer Mix 2011

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Setlist: here

Bummerbit Presents: ~dopewave~ A mix by atetrack

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Also…. this is cool

ArchieTech’s Bummer Bit Sessions #1

Our long time friend/supporter/amazing dj who usually does mixes on Nsb radio every Saturday night. Stopped in the irc chan for an impromptu deep tech set. It was 4 am my time… and he still pulled a ton of listeners like he always does. ArchieTech is one half of The Tasmanian Connection out of Australia. We never miss his friday night sets and usually restream them. Not only is Archie a fucking amazing dj, he is genuinly a good person. It was an honor to have him do an actual full set for bummer bit radio and I cant thank him enough… I stayed up way too late but the result was an amazing mix that we here at bummer bit are pumped about.. so enough with me kissing his ass already and lets hear it.

DOWNLOAD FREE MP3: ArchieTech’s Bummer Bit Sessions #1