Get at me… holla holla

All MP3’s on this site are for promotional use ONLY. The mp3’s are only on the site are for a limited amount of time. The purpose of the mp3’s are strictly for promotional value. Most of the artists we support make peanuts for skrilla. So go to the shows, buy merch, buy the music on beatport or juno if available, or send donations to your fav’s. If you are the owner of any Mp3’s posted here and would like them taken down, please send an email to:

If you would like for us to review your music, or if you want become an author on this blog, advertise on this space, or just want to chat,
feel free to email us at

Or you can send any submissions to:

Bummer Bit
7334 W. Lamar Rd.
Glendale AZ, 85303

2 responses to “Get at me… holla holla

  1. Hey there,
    Firstly cool site, been following it for a while now. I was just wondering if you would like to share links. I’d love if you would put a link to my site on your link list as we’re quite similar.

    My link:

    And dont worry i aint in it for the money, just spreadin the word of good tunes.

    If we could link share that would be great. Let me know if you want to.

    Thanks man

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