mp3 – Purity ring – Belispeak



To add to my list of favs for the summer Purity Ring released an amazing new single today; belispeak. This track will be released on a split 7” with Braids through Fat Possum on October 10th and will be available from both bands on tour in September. You can see them Labor Day Weekend (Sat, Sept 3) at FYF Fest!


REID – Diptera Synthesia films at its best

vintage future

Synthesia films is my favorite youtube group. and its latest offering REID’s “Diptera” from his EP “Genesis”.

I cant get enough!!!! i lvoe you synthesia films.. and all the artists too… Synthesia.. if you read this.. could i possibly get you to make some background gifs for the blog. We will be converting over to soon and would love a soothing tweaked background. Maybe use Tubeular to do it.. that would be amazing.. get at me holla holla. If not.. i’ll holla holla at chyea ∆†∆


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Slow magic new video and announced to premiere at goldrushfest

Slow Magic = O

New slow magic video!!!

Wow.. I srsly cant get enough of this mysterious project. and they just dropped another new vid.. amazing! ❤

This comes with the official announcement that they will be doing a live set at The Glodrush Music Fest, which i think i will have to go to. the line up is insane and how  can i miss slow magic and everyone else!?

Goldrush Music Festival Compilation

Legowelts new lp FOR FREE… OK TY. donations accepted.

wow.. awesome.. yes ty.


01. The Nightwind
02. Half Moon 106
03. The Soul of a City

04. Forest Conditioner

05. Metro Airport
06. Moonmist
07. Beyond Ur Self
08. Wherever We go
09. Mystery Cruising
10. Can U Feel the Other Side of Ur Soul
11. Dolphin Day 1992
12. Dare to Dream
13. Encounter at Farpoint
14. U Can Fly Away from the Hood

THE TEAC LIFE is currently available through Legowelt’s official website.





Broadzilla DJs, Pink Skull, and Adam Sparkles retreating to their slimy summer sandcastle–“THE HYPER-CABANA.”THE HYPER-CABANA: HRC003

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Adult swim is over, kids. Everybody Back in the Cage.


1. Chris Hinze – African Rapness
2. Pink Skull – Bee Nose (Brassica Remix)
3. Tapper Zukie – Revolution Version
4. Kewi a Gogo Party – Sie Wünscht Sich Ein Kewi Ins Bett
5. Manolo – Lose Myself
6. Gweilo – Ghosts
7. Lil Nay Nay – Slug Bug (Broadzilla Slug Dub)
8. Kid Creole & the Coconuts – I’m Corrupt (Idjut Boys Edit)
9. Dutch Rhythm Combo – Bonaire (Blackjoy Rough Demo Mix)
10. Human Egg – Onomatopoeia
11. Nico – Heroes
12. James Curd – Left The Ground (Feat. Ziggy Franklin)
13. Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches and Prunes
14. Marco Passarani – Colliding Stars (Part 2)
15. Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
16. Allez Allez – She’s Stirring Up (an Optimo (Espacio) Drum Attack Mix)
17. Cerrone – Experience
18. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan Da Cunha Remix)
19. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Psychemagik’s Leg Warmer Edit)

Summer mixes galore.. TEAMS | cvlt classics | Ion the Prize | Atetrack


Download MP3 here

Ion The Prize – Wasted Summer Mix 2011

Download MP3 here

Setlist: here

Bummerbit Presents: ~dopewave~ A mix by atetrack

Download MP3 here



Download MP3   here

Download Setlist here


Also…. this is cool

Inner Summer Forever has us reeling. Who is this kid!?

I seriously cannot get enough of this kid.. Who is he, where did he come from, is this a one person band?

Every Friday is like a birthday for me. Innner Summer puts out a track every single fucking Friday.. And I have fell in love with everyone of them.  Soon he will have enough for an album. Im sure he already does.  They are on constant rotation on Bummerbit radio. I usually even throw in a track of his when im mixing.

anyways.. I only picked two tracks of his to post. His latest “Get Hazy”, which is by far my favorite so far. And “did you get the chance” another lo-fi jam that hits hard. One of the main things I love about Inner Summer is that you can tell he isnt trying to do “lo-fi” its just straight up DIY rock n roll with a lot of emotion behind it. This is real music people. Check it out. Inner summer if you read this. How bout a mixtape of your faves or inspirations? :p


Download MP3 Inner Summer – Get hazy


Download MP3 Inner summer – Did you get the chance