mp3 – Purity ring – Belispeak



To add to my list of favs for the summer Purity Ring released an amazing new single today; belispeak. This track will be released on a split 7” with Braids through Fat Possum on October 10th and will be available from both bands on tour in September. You can see them Labor Day Weekend (Sat, Sept 3) at FYF Fest!


COM TRUISE pulls DATEBAR from the vaults

Com truise is about to leave on tour and seems to be stuck on the coast..

I asked him if he knew if he would make the Tuscon show was uncertain if he would make it.
be safe~
– “everything is up in the air now, just not my plane.” – com truise

In lighter news com truise pulls one from the vaults!!!! nice.. I wonder if i could get him to sign my Juno60 heh.. all below is a repost from his website… I love this graphic. @_@

“I’m leaving this Sunday to start another tour, I’m starting out with Active Child (w/ Chad Valley) and then tagging up with Neon Indian (w/ Purity Ring), then I’m headed to Europe for all of November. Be sure to check out the Shows page for all the info!

Here is a track from the vaults: Datebar, be sure to share it!”

Datebar by Com Truise

Download here

ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY Dont die wondering

Look at the setlist… enough said. enjoy

ILL DIE WONDERING MIX BY  Dont die wondering

1. Wizards – Benediction
2. Purity Ring – Ungirthed (pre-order the 7” single out on the AZ-affiliated Transparent)
3. D/R/U/G/S – Diamond Pacific (look out for an upcoming 12” on Tender Age)
4. Holy Other – Blissters (look out for an upcoming EP on Tri Angle)
5. Elite Gymnastics – Is This On Me
6. Drop/Dead – Always Love You
7. Wise Blood – 2 All The Girls Who Have Trusted Me
8. Mean Lady – Rain
9. The Whendays – Namlos
10. Jai Paul – BTSTU (look out for a forthcoming release on XL)
11. Time Wharp – 1992 (get the album from AMDISCS)
12. Chocolate Girl – Bless Me
13. Travellers Of The Great Beyond – Heathen
14. Deptford Goth – Real Love Fantasy

Mediafire download here

CVLT CLASSICS are back with a new mixtape


                    º   CVLT CLASSICS ARE BACK!!  º

They emerged out of no where and after their first mix, with absolutely no online presence, I tweeted about them and Le_Vibe seemed to be a part of it as they retweeted. Shortley after they made their own twitter and facebook They are still a mysterious group and have only released one mix that I posted on the bummerbit Blog the other day. They emerged with an online presence shortly after with a rad as fuk tapecast done with horrorshowtunez.  They are pretty Mysterious and havent really released any material yet except for these two mixtapes. Saying only

“Our Own Stuff Soon To Come, Use This For Your Rituals” 

Also check out their website. Its pretty friggin rad

– SIDE A –

Sleep ∞ Over :: Romantic Streams

Com Truise :: Cathode Girls
Neon Indian :: Mind, Drips
Flume :: Sleepless [Feat. Anthony For Cleopatra]
Neon Indian :: Fallout
jj :: my way

– SIDE B –

Poolside :: Harvest Moon
Inc.:: Swear
El Guincho :: Bombay
Galapagos :: Actin Up