Inner Summer Forever has us reeling. Who is this kid!?

I seriously cannot get enough of this kid.. Who is he, where did he come from, is this a one person band?

Every Friday is like a birthday for me. Innner Summer puts out a track every single fucking Friday.. And I have fell in love with everyone of them.  Soon he will have enough for an album. Im sure he already does.  They are on constant rotation on Bummerbit radio. I usually even throw in a track of his when im mixing.

anyways.. I only picked two tracks of his to post. His latest “Get Hazy”, which is by far my favorite so far. And “did you get the chance” another lo-fi jam that hits hard. One of the main things I love about Inner Summer is that you can tell he isnt trying to do “lo-fi” its just straight up DIY rock n roll with a lot of emotion behind it. This is real music people. Check it out. Inner summer if you read this. How bout a mixtape of your faves or inspirations? :p


Download MP3 Inner Summer – Get hazy


Download MP3 Inner summer – Did you get the chance

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