Lee Legion Smith DEEP BEAT LAB – Bummerbit Exclusive !!!

So i want to thank Lee Legion Smith for his amazing slomo disco set he did for BummerBit.. Check out his new show Deep Beat LaB This was very special to me since it is my bday and im a huge fan of slomo disco and lee legion… ❤   and for dj Dustball for making me go nuts with an ol school disco chi town house mix right after.. What a night.. Of course im stuck here in front of the computer. But i definitely feel the love ❤

anyways here’s the set: including setlist so god damn good..
This week show is brought to you by the letter S and the number 4. My first show using the amazing Native Instruments Traktor S4 controller.  It’s so nice to have everything on the screen at my finger tips with good quality eq ect.

anyway track listing is
01. Since You Been Gone – Matthew Kyle
02. Let Me Down Easy – 78EDITS
03. The Hustler – DJ Butcher
04. Put It In – The Legendary 1979 Orchestra
05. Please Stay – 78EDITS
06. Little Baby – Rayko
07. Testify For You – Kastil
08. Married On The Moon – Deep&Disco
09. Flip Da Beat – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
10. mannmademusic – At The Disco
11. Bumper Funk – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee


Deep Beat Lab – Lee Legion Smith- Bummer bit Exclusive mix

It’s another slomo disco , house and funk collection this week and i recommend you check out the following releases.
78Edits Volume 1

Cross Corner EP

Sweet and low (juno exclusive)

And keep a look out for this my mannmademusic

also set up a tumblr and finally got a twitter account..

I’ll post up Dustballs set in the morn .. ❤ thanks for a great night guys… you’re all the reason im doing this.

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