Acid Washed

If there was a discothèque on the USS Enterprise they would play Acid Washed and Lt. Worf would more than likely get down to that shit. I can see it now, Data doing the robot and Geordi in a b-boy stance.

Seriously! There track General Motors Detroit, America sounds like it came out of a really old sci-fi movie. Although nothing new, there take on disco is always interesting AND dance-worthy.

This is why I was so very happy when I checked my inbox today and there was a new remix from these space disco kings. The  track, originally from DFA rockers, Wolfmother – white feathers is a very smooth and relaxing cosmic ride of the dance rock chugger.

They describe themselves as a “fusion of late nineties filter house and DFA disco anthems that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit without being overly reverential.” That sounds pretty dope if you ask me. And it is……. very dope.  I recommend you check out their mix that they have available on there myspace.


Wolfmother – White Feather(Acid Washed remix)


Acid Washed – General Motors Detroit, America


BONUS!!!! Techy remix of the star trek theme enjoy.

Andre Allen Ajos – Star Trek Theme

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