Another Lykke Li Remix…… I still can't get enough of this Swede!

lykke li
Alright so let’s get down to it. Death to the Throne just remixed my favorite cover of all time, Lykke Li covering Kings of Leon’s Knocked up.
I dont care what nobody says Lykke Li’s gonna be my lover!

So In celebration I am going to make this an all things Lykke Li post.

First up we have the Death to the Throne remix. Personally I like the original more, but this is still good.
Lykke Li – Knocked Up(Death To The Throne Remix)

The original Lykki Li cover
Lykke Li – Knocked up(Lykke Li vs. Rodeo Remix)

A remix from one of my favorite electronic artists, Dntel
Lykke Li – Tonight(Dntel remix)

Lykke Li – Breaking It Up (Pocketknife’s Loosefoot Remix) (Extended Version)

Aaaannnnddd since Fred Falke is such a badass and remixes almost every rad tune out there, lets go ahead and throw another Fred Falke remix onto the list.
Lykke Li – Im good, Im gone(Fred Falke remix)

There is an amazing acoustic version of I’m Good, I’m Gone with Robyn on but I cant imbed it. Heres the link if you wanna check it.
I’m Good I’m Gone

So Im trying out a Media player for Clap Sparkle Pow for those of you who dont want to download the Mp3’s. Let me know if you love it or hate it!

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