Passion pit = insomniac = sleepyhead = me

So it’s 6:00 in the morning, I haven’t slept and I’m starting a blog. This is truly time management at its best. Yes, I am willing to sacrifice my whole morning and part of the afternoon for all of you. Because I know you can’t wait to read my new blog!

This blog is going to be about music, everything tech, and ramblings of my personal life.

I will try to update daily.
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Passion pit


Actually, The reason I am still up is because I just listened to Passion pit’s album manners 2 times all the way through. Its that F!@#’n good.
Passion pit dropped there album, Manners, a little over a week ago and if it wasnt for Phoenix’s new album it could be the indie album of the summer. After listening to the whole album today I have to say, I JUST WANNA DANCE, MAN. It is a very dance worthy and upbeat album that will keep a permagrin on your face for the duration. The vocals kept reminding me of the Montreal band, Wolf Parade, which is a good thing, I’m a huge fan. I’m definitely feelin the snynth-pop sample infused indie rock these guys are churnin out, But at the same time I know that in 2 – 4 months when I start to tire of there songs, every radio station that plays alt rock is going to be playing there songs to death. To the point were I will want to smash my radio every time I hear there hit “sleepyhead”. Just like they ruined MGMT for me, and the new Kings of Leon album. They just hit 51 on the billboard charts this week and there is still alot of buzz around them.

So here you go for your listening pleasure:
MP3 hookup of the day:

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Video Hookup:
Passion pit – The reeling

Here’s an extra hookup just cuz you’re awesome.
Wolf Parade – You are a Runner and I am my Fathers Son

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